Acharit Hayamim: Doomsday     

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I am an ambassador in bonds for the Holy One of Isra'el. The Holy One of Isra'el consumes my thoughts and my very being. Oh, how my soul, loves, worships and adores the Holy One of Isra'el! I live for ELOHIM and will die for ELOHIM for HE sustains me!


On November 7, 2010, the Ruach HaKodesh told me that it was urgent for me to worship Him before the Eastern Gate.  The Ruach HaKodesh told me to go alone. I did not question the Holy One of Isra'el! I completed my mission on December 6, 2010. Above is a photograph of the Eastern Gate that I took from the Mount of Olives. To the left is a close up photograph of the Eastern Gate that I took when I reached my designation.  Read about my miraculous journey to the Eastern Gate on my page, "Eastern Gate Prophecies." I give all glory, honor, and praise to the Holy One of Isra'el! HalleluYAH!

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